The CCLE team regularly publishes articles in leading academics journals, as well as book chapters and books on important competition policy matters. A list of research output of the CCLE team appears below:


Professor W.H. Boshoff

  • Boshoff, W.H. and Van Jaarsveld, R. 2019. Recurrent collusion: cartel episodes and overcharge in the South African cement market. Review of Industrial Organization 54(2): 353-380.
  • Boshoff, W.H., Frübing, S. and Hüschelrath, K. 2018. Information exchange through non-binding advance price announcements: an antitrust analysis. European Journal of Law and Economics 45(3): 439-468.
  • Boshoff, W.H. 2015. Illegal cartel overcharges in markets with a legal cartel history: bitumen prices in South Africa. South African Journal of Economics 83(2): 220-239.
  • Boshoff, W.H. 2014. Market definition as a problem of statistical inference. Journal of Competition Law and Economics 10(4): 861-882.
  • Boshoff, W.H. 2012. The strategic implications of black empowerment policy in South Africa: a case study of boundary choice and client preferences in a small services firm. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences 15(2): 207-221
  • Boshoff, W.H. 2012. Gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel demand in South Africa. Studies in Economics and Econometrics 36(1): 43-78.
  • Theron, N.M. and Boshoff, W.H. 2011. When do vertical restraints harm competition? The economics-based approach and its application in the BATSA case. South African Journal of Economics 79(3): 330-345.

Helanya Fourie

  • Fourie, H & de Bijl, P.W.J. 2018. Race to the top: Does competition in the DSL market matter for fibre penetration? Telecommunications Policy 42 (2018) 778–793


Professor PJ Sutherland

  • Sutherland PJ “Steel and propane: The efficiency defence and horizontal mergers” South African Law Journal 2008; 125(1) 331 – 370
  • Sutherland PJ “Ensuring contractual fairness in consumer contracts after Barkhuizen v Napier 2007 5 SA 323 (CC)” Stellenbosch Law Review 2008 1(19) 390 – 414
  • Sutherland PJ with Katharine Kemp “Competition Law of South Africa” LexisNexis Butterworths Durban 2006: 604pp
  • Ilke Meissner & Philip Sutherland “The complaint procedure reconsidere after Competition Commission v Yara” (2016) 2 SA Mercantile Law Journal 311
  • Co-author with several others of Van der Merwe et al Law of Intellectual Property (2017) (I wrote the competition law chapters with Pieter Koornhof)