The CCLE now invites applications from prospective PhD candidates from African countries (outside South Africa) to apply for a three-year scholarship for full-time study towards a PhD in the Department of Economics at Stellenbosch University. In particular, the CCLE is interested in candidates wishing to pursue doctoral research with the following theme:

Econometrics and statistical learning techniques for detection of anti-competitive behaviour and estimation of associated damages

The scholarship application process is administered via the Graduate School of Economic and Management Sciences of Stellenbosch University (GEM) and is funded by DAAD. Successful candidates must pass the GEM and DAAD selection processes and these institutions (and not the CCLE) make the final award decisions. In the absence of good applications, GEM/DAAD may not award any scholarship on a CCLE-related topic.

The application process and criteria are explained and application documents are available at

Prior to completing the application, prospective candidates are requested to contact Prof Willem Boshoff, co-director of the CCLE and the designated supervisor for prospective doctoral candidates, to discuss whether the CCLE would be willing to consider their application. Due to the nature of the topic, candidates are expected to have excellent marks in graduate econometrics/statistics/mathematics from reputable institutions, in addition to the other requirements for pursuing a PhD in the Department of Economics.

Note that the closing date for applications is 17 May 2019.

Prof Boshoff’s e-mail address is .