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An active research community, delivering high-quality research on competition policy matters, supports and promotes sound competition policy enforcement in South Africa and beyond. At the CCLE, we aim to build the next generation of researchers and to generate policy-relevant work of an international standard.

Research programme 1:


Collusive behaviour has received significant attention in South Africa in recent years, with a number of high-profile price-fixing cases involving multi-billion-rand fines. These cases highlight interesting aspects of collusion in South Africa. For one, many industries formerly characterised by collusive behaviour often exhibit recurrent collusive behaviour. For another, many of these cases involve coordination via industry associations, which raise questions about the various forms that collusion may take. Consequently, this research programme explores empirical and theoretical aspects of alternative forms of collusion.

Team working on this research programme: Willem Boshoff, Philip Sutherland, Thomas Fagart, Rossouw van Jaarsveld en Prince Changole.




Research programme 2:


Mergers for the purpose of retaining or enhancing market power remain a key concern for competition authorities worldwide. In smaller jurisdictions, potential competition problems related to cross-share holdings and partial acquisitions are of special importance. Furthermore, a concern with post-impact assessment requires a better empirical understanding of the long-run effects of mergers. This research programme focuses on developing a comprehensive international dataset on merging firms that would allow studying particular merger phenomena en evaluating merger effects.

Team working on this research programme: Willem Boshoff, Philip Sutherland, Rossouw van Jaarsveld en Prince Changole